Witch Wednesday – Meet CJ

Meet our Surf Witch Cherisa! Know as CJ, she is 46 and originally from Adelaide.

CJ runs ‘OneWave Super Fluro Saturday Greenmount’, a branch of One wave, a non-profit surf community raising awareness of mental health through a simple recipe…saltwater therapy, surfing and fluro. She runs weekly Fluro surfs at Greenmount every Saturday at 5.30am & everyone is welcome to come down, say hi and have a surf, swim or a chat!

Who got you into surfing and what do you love about it

I got into surfing after I discharged from the Australian Army and settled on the Gold Coast and needed something to help me meet people in my local area. I love everything about surfing, the thrill of trying to catch ‘the perfect wave’, practicing my patience for ‘the perfect wave’, meeting new people and most of all just being in the water and not having to think about anything else and just being in the moment – the best form of mediation I have found!

What do you do for work and any cool hobbies outside of surfing?

I am a Contractor to Defence and currently working on a project which is buying Drones for the Australian Army. I am also a Tribe Leader for One Wave and host ‘Super Fluro Saturdays’ at Greenmount Beach each Saturday morning. We surf in fluro to help raise awareness about mental health and show how surfing and salt water therapy can help when you need to free the funk.

Fav place to surf?


Surfboard of choice?

Beckham Longboard 9’6″ twin fin with a pink camo inlay.

What has been your fav surfing experience so far?

The wave I caught last week. It went for 207 metres and I hit a speed of 29.9km an hour! Could not stop smiling!

What do you love about the surf witches?

Everything! The woman are amazing and so supportive. But I must say I get a real buzz passing on a blue wrist band to a newbie!

What advice would you share with other women starting out?

Start out on a foamie longboard and stay in the white wash. Practice your pop-ups on land every opportunity you have – burpees should be your best friend! If you can go for a lesson or two, or three or a years worth like I did. In the end the lessons were for the social side as they were so much fun!

If you want to join CJ for a Fluro Surf meet up, check out their facebook page here for details.

Photo credits: Feature image by @saltysurfgirl,

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