Witch Wednesday – Meet Jen

Meet Jennifer! Jen is 59, from Brisbane, and is hands down one of the most inspiring women we have EVER met. She has an amazing way of bringing people together with her positive, vibrant attitude & friendliness. Jen has been an amazing addition to the Surf Witches & we cant wait for many more waves and years spent in the ocean together!

Who got you into surfing and what do you love about it? 

My assistant Shane suggested four years ago that we should give surfing a crack. He was in his 20’s and since I choose to live a life of Yes, I said yes. I love everything about it. It’s like the perfect exercise and meditation rolled into one. Being out back of the waves at sunrise just does something to my soul. I have never found anything so hard to learn and so much fun at the same time.

What do you do for work and any cool hobbies outside of surfing?

I am a naturopath of 30 years and love helping people get out of adrenal survival mode. I’m not in traditional clinic as I travel the world 6 months a year lecturing on that and other subjects of health.

The cool thing is I can coach people with their health from anywhere in the world. Yes I love what technology brings to life. Even now having the Surf Witches FB group, even when I’m away I get to enjoy the vibe.

As for hobbies I’m learning the Ukulele and to skateboard too.

Favourite place to surf? 

I love Rainbow Bay and The Pass at Byron for the longer waves however I am drawn to Currumbin Alley more for the community that the Surf Witches has created.

Surfboard of choice? 

Right now my 9’6″ Diverse Nose Rider, yes my goal this summer is to hang ten…even once.

What has been your fave surfing experience so far?

My first green wave was pretty epic but I’d have to say even beating that is just being in the surf any session with my blue wrist band on and seeing another Surf Witch and having an instant connection there to love on and support each other as we surf. That fills my heart.

What do you love about the surf witches?

The diversity of ages and skills with no egos or bullshit. Pretty special.

Describe your perfect Surf day (beach location, cafés, pre or post surf activity or tradition)?

Drive down to Byron Bay with the lid off my purple jeep for a Sunrise surf at The Pass with a bunch of Surf Witches. After we are totally spent from catching endless clean full glassy waves we head to the cafe above The Pass and smash down the most epic Haloumi burgers, recharging ourselves before we head out again. The perfect endless Summer vision for me.

What advice would you share with other women starting out?

Just get out there. Get a class and then get board time. You will be frustrated and you will love it. Really plug into the Surf Witches they are there to cheer you on.

Connect with Jen here:

jenniferjefferies.com & @thepresentdaywisewoman

Photo by @shona_lee_
Photo by @saltysurfgirl
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