Witch Wednesday – Meet Kelly

Meet our Surf Witch Kelly! Kel is 28 years old originally from Coffs Harbour and absolutely rips. She is one of our more experienced Surfers & always have a smile for everyone out in the line up.

Who got you into surfing and what do you love about it

My dad came home one day with an old dinged up board he got for free from a mate when I was 13. It was the greatest gift ever. We went out together in the mornings before school and I was hooked. I love the feeling of riding a wave and being outside fueling my soul with happiness. It’s an energy high for hours after. 

What do you do for work and any cool hobbies outside of surfing?

For work I organise events and programs for International University students to help enhance their experience in Australia. Aside from surfing, I’m a scuba gal and a tennis nut who plays a few times every week. 

Favourite place to surf?

Greenmount for long fun waves, or The Alley for party witch waves. 

Surfboard of choice?

My 6″ Shortboard is my baby, or 7″6′ Mini Mal when the swell is chill. 

What has been your fave surfing experience so far?

When I lived and worked in the Maldives I took a vacation on a surfari boat for 10 days. Such an unreal experience surfing on consistent reef breaks (in the most incredible water in the world) with nothing to do other than surf, eat and sleep. It was a dream! 

What do you love about the surf witches?

I love everything about the surf witches. Every day there is a witch going out and it’s always such a welcoming environment to tag along. You don’t need to know anyone to join a meet up. Just say yes and find courage to say hi to anyone wearing a blue wrist band. If I wasn’t a witch I’d be surfing alone as it tends to be a very solitude male dominated sport. 

What advice would you share with other women starting out?

Join a witches meet up! When you paddle onto a wave and fall straight off (and you will, over and over again), you’ll still feel like you’ve won a gold medal. The support out in the water from peer witches is amazing. Don’t get dishearten by the thought of being judged. Remember that no one out there actually cares if you suck. Find joy in falling and trying again. Learn some basic etiquette rules of surfing and just give it a go. The feeling of standing up for the first time is addictive. You’ll see… 

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