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Meet one of our very FIRST Surf Witches Liane! Born in Sydney, Liane has had 56 trips around the sun and has come to the Gold Coast via Perth, Singapore, Chicago, Townsville & Varese (Italy)! You can find her smiling face out at the Alley most mornings with Stu (one of our honorary surf wizards).

What got you into surfing?

I have been a wanna-be surfer chicky since I was a young girl. My dad shared his love of the ocean with me from a very young age. We would go fishing (rather feeding the fish – never caught a thing ), sailing both open water and inland waterways. He would often talk of his days as a scuba diver and tell me of his many surfing adventures(mis) with his brothers and mates. As a young girl in WA, most weekends were spent at the beach at some point.

When I moved from Varsity Lakes to Currumbin, it was decided that if I lived at The Alley I needed to learn to surf. I got my 9’ Mal for Xmas that year… and well, you know the rest…

What do you love the most about it?

What’s not to love….That feeling of being out on the water first thing in the morning as the days rays slowly slip up over the horizon, feeling the gentle rise and fall of the swell, a warm smile or a gentle nod from other dawn patrollers as they too soak up that peace and tranquillity. It’s like our own private view at heaven.

Equally, I love the stoke on the faces of surfers who have caught ‘THAT’ wave, whether they are old saltys or brand new surfers. I love the community that I have been welcomed into and the gorgeous souls that reside there!

I love that the Ocean challenges me in ways I never would have allowed otherwise. She has strengthened my respect for her and everything in and around her. She has enhanced my sense of calm and allowed me to accept that not everything is able to be controlled. Surfing has become my teacher, and for that I am grateful.

What do you do for work?

I am a Remedial Massage Therapist, specialising in sports massage and injury prevention/management. Using a number of different techniques, dysfunctional movement patterns can be corrected to get you moving better, moving often.

Any cool hobbies or interests outside of surfing?

Sorry….I don’t understand the question???  ; )

Out of the water I absolutely love listening to live music. One of my fave places is the Bruns Hotel on a Sunday. Such an awesome gathering of gorgeous folk and always amazing artists. I love cooking, meals not so much cakes, riding my beautiful townie, Pearl, down the Oceanway to Kirra/Cooly for brekky.

Describe your perfect surf day?

I would be at my new fave place down in NSW. The day would start as described above and as the day grew brighter a nice little right would peel off continually as the tide rolled in. Between waves, smiles, stoke and stories would be shared between the other Switches with the local turtles popping their heads up as if to listen. After a couple of hours, the boards would be racked for the day and a feast would be shared around the table with the energy of the day buzzing in the air.

Surfboard of choice?

Depending on waves but switches between my 7’ AQSS mini mal and 9’ Oxbow Mal. Dream board is a McTav

What has been your scariest surf experience?

Last year went on my first surf trip to Bali. An amazing experience. We surfed at Medewi Beach in the back half of the week. The swell was bigger than anything I had experienced or expected to experience. As I paddled out behind one of the other girls I watched as she went up the face of the wave on her 8’ board with a whole lot of wave face still above her.  I was seriously rethinking my life’s choices at that point.  But I remember that moment, paddling onto my first monster, thinking “WTF are you doing girlfriend???” when fear and doubt turned into elation and stoke as I soared down the face of the wave.

What do you love about the Surf Witches?

The sense of Family/Community it has allowed to grow. To be able to reach out a hand so someone else can share in your journey is such a vital and wonderous thing. The ever-present encouragement, support and inclusiveness is like a big ol warm hug from an old friend!

Do you have any advice for others starting out?

Get some lessons from one of the amazing surf coaches in the area. Learn the good stuff right from the start!

Watch and learn from the experienced surfers, remembering they too were once where you stand.

When you head out for a surf, choose something that you want to focus on that day/week… “Today I will make sure I keep my head and eyes up”, “Today I am focusing on keeping my hands up”….

Have fun! After all that’s what its all about….

Connect with Liane at @liane_massage_movement_mind

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