Witch Wednesday – Meet Lee

This week we are getting to know our CHAMP Lee Cooper! Lee recently dominated the over 35 shortboard QLD championship and we are SO frikken proud of her & grateful for all her support and encouragement towards all our Surf Witches.

What got you into surfing and what do you love most about it?

In my late teens, my boyfriend at the time was an awesome surfer so I didn’t have much choice but to surf as we often travelled up and down the coast chasing waves and it just clicked with me – now it’s a part of who I am.

What do you do for work? Any cool hobbies or interests outside of surfing you want to share with us?

I am a casual Sales Rep & love my job. My bosses are super cool  – they understand my love of the ocean, if points are cooking I’m not in today! If I’m not surfing, I’m swimming in the ocean, fishing with my mini-me’s, skating around the streets or at a skatepark anywhere on the Gold Coast, or I’m chasing the BMX tracks down with my mini-me’s!

Describe your perfect surf day?

Surfing Margret River with Zane Harrison at 12ft which I can describe was the BEST feeling going down the line and Hooking in Kirra 6ft Plus cyclone swell pulling in and coming out in chocolate Barrels one after another until I landed myself on my last barrel on my fin and off to hospital I go with 15 stitches (we won’t say where)!!!

Board of choice?

6’2 rounded square 20’ 1/4, I believe a board with width and volume and foam area easy to paddle, catch waves, balance, and of course to throw around. But I’m also tall and big boned so thin boards unfortunately don’t work for me.

I will have to throw my pink mini mal in there too, its so much fun I have only been riding the mini mal for a few months due to an ankle injury and I must say I’m in love with surfing again!

Funniest surfing experience or story?

Surfing with no swimmers on as they kept on falling off, so I took them off and surf naked! No one was around at the time but dolphins and turtles but then I turned around and a bunch of Japanese surfers were covering their eyes (yep – ooops). Then come in to the beach to have nipple rash and have to run up the beach so no one else saw me – to be confronted by a van full of guys – yep will I ever do that again…probably yes!

What do you love about the Surf Witches?

Oh my goodness lost for words, I love all the surf witches, they are all amazing, kind, supportive and full of love and laughter smiles all around supporting helping each other. You are never alone being a Surf Witch – the bands are amazing & stand out from the crowd and once you see another wristband you instantly know you are connected, not judged but loved and supported. After surfing many years with men and the odd surfing galfriend it’s the Surf Witches that make me want to connect and surf more. They are amazing and it’s such a wonderful community feeling connecting as one happy family – so much love.

What advice would you share with other women starting out?

Surfing can be hard when you’re first starting out, I would recommend a few ‘learn to surf’ lessons to gain a bit of confidence in and out of the water & share the stoke and meeting up with likeminded beginner surf witches.

Always give it your best, never give up as surfing will take time to master, don’t expect to stand up straight away. Play in the whitewash for a few months, get the feeling of the board pushing through the whitewash & once you master that then jumping up on your board (no climbing – practise push-ups & stand ups at home). And practise practise as practise makes perfect – keep surfing different breaks as points and beaches are all different – most of all share the stoke and love of surfing and Surf Witches!

Connect with Lee @leecoopersurf

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