Witch Wednesday – Meet Isabelle

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Meet our beautiful Izzie! She is 25 & originally from the south coast of England. Iz is our surfing, diving, yoga-ing, rock climbing, bike riding, skateboarding wonder woman. She is also responsible for many of the amazing photos you see on the surf witch website & socials – check out her stunning photography work at @iseasphotography

What got you into surfing and what do you love most about it?

From a very young age I have always been mesmerised by surfing and the ocean! My sister and I had surf photos all over our walls & every school planner was filled with surf shots. We probably watched Blue Crush a hundred times – not even joking! Haha and then growing up every holiday revolved around surfing.

I went to a university where I knew I could surf frequently, became part of the surf committee and would fly overseas to Europe on surf holidays once or twice a year as well as tons of trips to awesome local spots down the coast in Devon & Cornwall.

For me surfing has always been about just getting out in the ocean and just enjoying the pure serenity of being in my favourite part of nature.  I always make sure I take time to really take in the beautiful surroundings and skies – literally there is so much to love, it just gives me pure happiness! And when you catch a good wave it’s the BEST feeling! 

I also love the locations and countries it has taken me to, and all the amazing places I have surfed and so many more places to experience and surf! 

What do you do for work? Any cool hobbies or interests outside of surfing you want to share with us?

I am a Graphic Digital Designer, who also dabbles in Photography!

Geeeenerally at the moment when I am not surfing I’m skating, road biking, diving or bouldering.  

Describe your perfect surf day?

Oooooooo perfect surf day would have be an unreal balmy sunrise surf with clear waters, warm but fresh breeze and perfect peelers, with a few special friends and my sissy. Followed by an amazing pressed juice and Almond Croissant, chilled beach hangs, yogi stretch and then out again… and just keep repeating for the rest of the day haha! And If we could add some dolphins and wildlife into the mix as well then boy that is a good surf day!  

Board of choice?

My 6”4 fish! 🙂 And I do love a longer board as well for the smaller days!

Funniest surfing experience or story?

Oh there are probably a fair few to be honest but this one comes to mind. Tarp surfing not real surfing but one of my funniest surf memories was entering a competition at a Tarp-O-Rama event in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. 

One of my mates was in the area at the time and the first time we met each other was in South West coast of France where we also tarp surfed. So I messaged him as said “we must!”. 

We entered the comp and had to be doing something whilst getting “barrelled”. So, lost for ideas, and put on the spot, I put on a little kids helmet and ate a bag of chips whilst skating through barrel – super random but it worked and I won some cool prizes – but I didn’t get through to the finals. My mate Jon did a pristine pistol squat and got through. Finals round – he laid flat on the skateboard and wobbled like a salmon as I pushed him through the barrel! He didn’t win the comp but he was one of the runners up and he went home with a fresh new Roxy skateboard – I was rather jealous of his girly new board. We had heaps of fun and laughs! 

So next time the surfs flat…. Who’s got the tarp?

What do you love about the Surf Witches?

A great way to connect with like-minded ladies to surf and have fun with!

It’s the best when you go out for a surf and see a wave from one of the other girls or you bump into one of them cruising along the beach – having that loving community surf vibe is priceless! ❤

What advice would you share with other women starting out?

Doooooo it! And don’t let anyone or anything hold you back! If for any moment you doubt yourself or feel like you shouldn’t or your self conscious about what others think – shift those thoughts to the side with your positive “I wanna surf” voice and just do it, enjoy yourself, don’t care about what anyone else thinks, and do it for you!

If in doubt, always paddle out! 

(Obviously if its dangerous and way above your comfort level, then please don’t haha)

Connect with Izzie here @iseasphotography

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