Get Surf Fit with Chloe!

Being physically fit is such an important aspect of surf progression. Many surfers think that simply surfing is enough to help them improve. And while time in the water is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your surfing, adding in a fitness regime or better yet surf fitness regime can help you to take that leap to the next level.

Being strong through the back and shoulders will help your paddling which will see you getting on to waves more easily and also simply getting more waves (and who doesn’t want that)! Increase strength through your chest and legs will help with a more fluid pop up and better control, drive and power on the wave.

Core strength is probably the overlooked factor when it comes to better surfing. Have a strong core with help every aspect of your surfing. From  paddling pop to your pop up to effortless style on the wave a strong core is the foundation for everything.

I started doing Pilates just over a year ago and I’ve been blown away and how much better my surfing has gotten.

I would recommend training 2-4x per week and trying to incorporate Pilates at least once a week.

Chloe’s surf fit exercises:

Reps: 10-20 depending on your fitness level

Sets: 2-4 depending on how much time you want to train for as well

***If you are new to training make sure you pay attention to the correct way to do the exercises and listen to your body.

Chloe is currently running a Pilates class on Tuesdays & Thursdays via Zoom (see payment by donation.

She also manages Fit Life Boot Camp Varsity Lakes and they run online classes for $25 per week (see

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