Witch Wednesday – Meet Bianca

Meet our gorgeous Bianca!!! She is 29 & originally from Brisbane. We are so thankful that Bee came along to her first Surf Witch event last year – and she has not missed one since. Bee is a gentle, insightful & brave witchie & mumma bear and we cant wait for many more surf adventures together.

What got you into surfing and what do you love most about it?
I originally got into surfing when I was about thirteen, I had just moved into high school and there was this boy I kind of liked, who kind of surfed. Needless to say, I was unsuccessful with the guy but introduced myself to a whole new passion.

From then on, I just lived and breathed surfing as if I could already surf at advanced level. I covered my room floor to ceiling with cut outs from Roxy and Quicksilver surf mags and my dad bought me the most dinged up old short board ever. I gave it a go in the white wash and at that stage was determined to only surf short boards.

It wasn’t long till my parents realised I needed to learn on a mini mal and regardless of my protest, we got one, a Na Papa custom 7’9ft which I still have to this day. It was obviously a great decision as my surfing took off after this.

I think my soul would have gravitated towards surfing no matter how I first became interested in it. I feel very aligned when I surf, like riding the ocean is where I was always destined to be.

I love that my daily anxieties are whisked away in the ocean, like a perfect meditation, nothing specific comes to my mind when I’m out in the water, only what is surrounding me at that present point in time. It is bliss!!

What do you do for work? Any cool hobbies or interests outside of surfing you want to share with us?
I am currently in my last year of a science degree majoring in marine biology. I finish in October and am hoping to go overseas before commencing work wherever opportunities arise in the field of marine science or marine education.

Apart from surfing, the majority of my interests revolve around health and fitness. I was a personal trainer for over 10 years before changing my path in life. Now I enjoy focusing on my own fitness training and participating in different forms of exercise.

Describe your perfect surf day?
I love surfing in the rain so some light offshore winds, clean 2ft/3ft waves for an easy paddle out while it drizzles is perfect! This would be happening either at Kirra, Greenmount or Noosa ideally with some cool girls to share my waves with! And perhaps some sneaky marine life encounters would be greatly appreciated as well.

Board of choice?
It would be 100% my current board which is 9’8ft, never will I ever downsize, if anything I’d go larger so I can knee paddle easier. My board can catch even the tiniest ripple of a wave and I love that.

What do you love about the Surf Witches?
I spent years before I came along to a surf witch event last year not knowing anyone at all who surfs. I have taught multiple people over the years and everyone would try it out but never really stick to it, which bummed me out because I wanted surf friends. It was lonely out in the waves by myself, sometimes scary and I was extremely unmotivated most of the year. I even tried to start a group on face book while putting adds on gumtree about seven/eight years ago now and no one was ever really interested to get together, I think social media just hadn’t kicked off enough at that time to reach people successfully.

When I realised this massive group of girls were getting out together regularly in the surf I was so keen, my dream had come true and my shy self was finally able to meet some girls I could share these experiences with. I just love how fun the regular surf meets are and am so grateful that I have been able to become a part of a movement like this.

What advice would you share with other women starting out?
I have a few pieces of advice for girls wanting to have a go:

1. Do not waste your time with boards that are too small. Go big and feel good about your surfing, you will be able to transition to a smaller board later if desired, with much less struggle.

2. Nose diving is a way of life when learning but I find many beginners do not get told where their weight distribution should be when going for a wave and in my opinion this was the hardest concept for me when learning. If you consistently nosedive, just scoot back the tiniest bit on your board and then paddle two strokes more than you would have before. Alternatively, if you can’t catch waves scoot a tiny bit forward, catch it and then quickly lean back to prevent a nosedive. Usually being aware of these concepts helps a lot when progressing on from whitewash to green waves.

3. I highly recommend private lessons; skip the groups they do nothing for you. If you can do a private at least once every other week that is where the magic happens. In privates you get specific guidance on where to distribute your weight when going for waves and correct technique cues, making the whole learning experience much easier particularly when progressing onto catching green waves.

4. Surfing is a huge challenge at any level, so regularly coming out with the Surf Witches is the best chance to practice and gain helpful wave catching advice from the girls as well!!

All images by @hannahjessupphotography
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