The #take3forthesea Initative

by Rebecca Dales

Being environmentally cautious can extend through various avenues in our lives. For some, it may include exercising your purchasing power by supporting sustainable brands, eating a plant based diet in avoidance of supporting the meat and dairy food practices or joining a cause which fights against industries which are detrimental to our planet. Some of these practices may be more difficult to follow than others but for me, being a Surf Witch comes with a social responsibility.

The Surf Witches represent a network of women with a mutual love for the ocean. When the public sees one of us with our identifiable blue wrist band, they may link our behaviours with the overall group. This opens up the opportunity for us, as a collective, to represent our group in a positive way.

The #take3 initiative is a chance for the Surf Witches to demonstrate environmentally cautious actions, leaving our beaches and community cleaner and better, with every surf.

The idea behind it is to encourage every Surf Witch to take three pieces of rubbish, off the beaches and out of our ocean, each time we go for a surf. This may include food wrapping/containers, plastic straws, drink bottles, etc.

As a collective of incredible women, it would be amazing to see our group abide by this practice and set an example for others to not only respect our environment but respect our shared spaces too.

I abide by this rule everywhere I go and would love to see the Surf Witches take it on as well! So, let’s see how our community can come together to clean up our beaches! The world needs a little positivity right now more than ever #take3

Read more about Take3 on their website –

Above feature image by @melissawilsonphotographer

Bec picking up rubbish on Fraser Island
With her bag of rubbish in Wadi Rum, Jordan
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