Witch Wednesday – Meet Micaila

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Meet our lovely Micaila, another of our environmental warrior women! Micaila is 24 and originally from Nova Scotia. She has sadly left Australia and lives back home in Canada but she is very missed and very much still a part of our community!

What got you into surfing and what do you love most about it?

My parents built a home in Clam Bay, right on the Atlantic Ocean. I spent my childhood here, playing on beaches and running the shorelines.

One of my dad’s friends gave us a beautiful blue 7’ single fin surfboard as a gift. With that board, I caught my first wave at around 12 years old. I’ll never forget that feeling or memory. I would only surf in the summers, (2/12 months of the year) until I moved to the Gold Coast, Australia, where I would surf 2-4 times a week.

I love the constant challenge of surfing, and the community of people you get to share the ocean with. I enjoy being able to disconnect from my phone and anything that’s been on my mind. I can let it go and just focus on the present. I also love that surfing can bring a deep and conscious respect for our oceans and the organisms that live within it. Surfing lets you connect with our planet on a deeper level.

What do you do for work? Any cool hobbies or interests outside of surfing you want to share with us?

(lost my job due to COVID-19 restrictions in Canada!) 😦

I was a research assistant in a university biology department. I worked in the field collecting data, and in labs analyzing it.

I absolutely love reading and painting. I enjoy using acrylics and watercolours to make art for my friends and family. Whenever I’m travelling, I always make sure to include visiting a modern art museum. The book genres I’m most drawn to are non-fiction science-based books. 

Fave place to surf?

I loved surfing in Currumbin Alley on the Gold Coast. The waves were always so kind, and I would often see stingrays gliding underneath me! I also want to go back to Ohau, the breaks were consistent and so gentle. 

Board of choice?

I love any size mini mal or a 9’ log! I’m obsessed with the look of timber surfboards, and light pastel colours. My dream board is definitely a pastel blue McTavish.

Fave surfing experience?

I had the chance to surf in Waikiki on a 9′ torque. My best friend, Jensen, and I went to this hidden rental shop around 500m from the main beach. We both rented a board for $10 USD for a few hours. We lugged the boards across the streets and then into the water. The sun was setting and the break at Waikiki was like no other. The water was lukewarm and the sky was turning a soft pink. I loved that we could see the lush mountain ranges too. After the surf, we just laid on the boards and watched the sunset. 

What do you love about the Surf Witches?

The surf witches are a group I wish every woman around the globe could experience. During my time with them, I would always feel a boost in my confidence in and out of the water. It’s lovely being around a supportive group of women who like to celebrate your accomplishments. They would always clap or cheer if you just caught a green wave. 

What advice would you share with other women starting out?

Don’t let the fear of failure stop you! Don’t think about the “what-ifs”. Grab a friend and enjoy the experience of learning something new. 

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