Surf Etiquette with Kirra Molner

Longboarder and High Performance Coach Kirra recently hosted a seminar for us on proper surf etiquette.

Surf etiquette is something that we hope everyone who owns a surfboard understands and follows in order to have a safe and fun time out in the waves.

Kirra took us through step by step covering the following topics;

1) Where to paddle out and how do I make the decision to go around the break or towards the whitewash?
2) Dropping in, who has the right of way?
3) Waiting your turn, how do you know when it’s your time…to shred?
4) The party wave?? Is this ok and who can I party with?
5) Controlling my board, we show you a couple of sneaky tricks and techniques to keep hold of your board on the way out!
6) The A frame peak and communicating with other surfers
7) What to do if you accidentally drop in or don’t see someone else on the wave.
8) What if someone drops in on me??

If you are just starting out or if need to brush up on your skills, the recording of the seminar is available here;

If you are unsure on any points above or that were covered in the Seminar, or just any surf etiquette questions in general, please feel free to contact us and have a chat, we are happy to help!

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