Witch Wednesday – Meet Sal

Meet the wonderful Sal! Owner & operator of Flowstate MBM, Sal’s life pretty much seems to revolve around surf & the ocean – she is a Surf Coach, Kinesiologist, Swim Coach, Breathe Coach, Mumma to 2 beautiful kiddos AND a Freediver! Plus an awesome shortboarder (obviously).

Sal’s Ocean Confidence Workshop was the biggest eye-opener and learning experience for us and something we would 100% recommend to anyone wanting to increase their water skills.

This woman is seriously a wealth of knowledge, she is dedicated to helping people feel comfortable, confident and safe in the water and we are SO SO blessed to have to as a part of our community!

Where are you from originally?

All over the place really. I was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, grew up in the UK, moved to NZ at 25, then moved to Aus in 2011.

How long have you been surfing and how did you get started?

I started in 2003 just after I moved to NZ. I was running a Youth Centre in a small community near Wellington, which had a great surf community.

A few of the locals put on a girl’s surf weekend at Castle Point and about 25 local women went along. As soon as I caught my first wave I was hooked! I formed a friendship with a couple of girls, one of them being an inspirational water woman who competed and she really encouraged me to get out in all sorts of conditions.

What level surfer are you – whitewash warrior or chasing green waves?

Love to chase the green.

What board are you rocking?

At the end of last year, I got a custom made 5’7 board from Clayton Nienaber and I absolutely love it. I have been coached by Clayton on and off for the past 5 years and he has made the board exactly to my ability.

What beaches do you normally surf and why?

Anywhere with waves! I move around from Palm Beach to Hastings really, but as I live close to Rainbow, I tend to surf locally if I don’t have time for a mission.

What do you do for work?

I have my own business Flowstate Mind Breath Motion and run workshops, see kinesiology clients, hold a weekly breath class and coach surfing. 

Any cool hobbies or interests outside of surfing you want to share with us?

I am a little addicted to being under the water and exploring freediving. I also love food, making it, eating it, smelling it, just anything to do with food.

What has been your best surf or ocean experience so far?

I think the experience that has always stuck with my mind, was just after I moved to Australia. We were living in Ocean Shores at the time and surfing the north side of the Brunswick River. There were perfect 3ft waves with only myself and another person out, when a mother whale and her baby popped up super close to us. After growing up in the UK miles away from the ocean I felt really lucky and knew I was living in paradise.

Any surfing goals you want to smash this year?

Yes, I am on a mission to make it out of a barrel!!

What do you love about the Surf Witches?

When I started to surf, I had a couple of girl friends who took me surfing and showed me how it all worked. This really helped me with my confidence in the ocean. I can see Surf Witches creates a similar type of experience and have created an awesome community.

What advice would you share with other women starting out?

Have fun, share the laughter and don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort, you never know what’s waiting for you on the other side!

Connect with Sal here – @flowstate_mbm

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