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Photo credit @eleventides
Photo credit @eleventides

Surf Witches started when friends Miranda Laidlaw and Hannah Jessup started to learn to surf and met another learner, Monica Wach, in the water at Currumbin Alley on the Gold Coast, Australia.

They all started to surf together and soon met another lady surfing by herself and another and another. They created ‘The Surf Witches’ facebook group so everyone could stay in touch and always have a surf buddy, as they found it more fun and motivating to surf with a friend opposed to going out alone.

Since the group started in January 2019 it has grown to over 1700 members and counting.

Members wear blue wristbands in the surf so they can identify each other in the water & recognise fellow Surf Witches.

They encourage ladies to post to the group when they are heading out for a surf and would like some company. All levels and all ages are welcome at all events and to join the group.

Emphasis is put on education, surf safety and surf etiquette.

Surf Witches have evolved into an amazing community for like-minded women to connect, support each other, and share their love of surfing and the ocean on the Gold Coast.

Their intention is to support, cheer each other on, and make surfing more accessible and less intimidating to the female community!

All love, positivity, open hearts and surfing! #switchesnotbitches

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