Surf Witch Pledge

By joining Surf Witches and wearing my wristband I pledge to be approachable, friendly & supportive of ANYONE in the water no matter their age, gender, level or background.

I am familiar with surf etiquette & safety & I am comfortable handling myself in the surf.

I am happy to be approached by any of my fellow Surf Witches while wearing my wristband & will offer my help, support, & encouragement to all members.

We do understand if sometimes you want to surf alone – we ask that you not wear your wristband on these occasions. Wearing your wristband means that you will uphold all the above values so please make sure you are prepared to do so each & every time you wear it.

I understand that Surf Witches & their affiliates are not responsible for my safety & I will exercise my own judgement before entering the water at all Surf Witch events or meet ups.

Enter your details below to accept the pledge. We will email you the locations where you can get your wristband as well as info to get you started in the Surf Witches:

You are officially a Surf Witch! Check your email for some more details

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