Connecting women in the water

Our wristband initiative is our way of connecting our members. Any of the Surf Witches can pick up a blue silicone wristband from some of our beautiful local vendors to wear when they are in the water.

The wristbands allow us to identify each other, as there are over 1700+ members you may not have met each other before, so spotting a band on another surfer means you are surfing with a fellow Surf Witch – she will be happy for your company and will have your back in the surf.

Click below to take the Surf Witch Pledge and find out where to get your wristband.

By wearing our wristband you are pledging to be familiar with surf safety and etiquette before you enter the surf. You pledge to be approachable, friendly and supportive of ANYONE in the water no matter their age, level or background.

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